Q. What can be done with my front sidewalk if it is cracked and uneven?

A. We can remove and haul your existing walkway and replace with a new paver sidewalk.

Q. What if my front entry stoop and steps are cracked and unsightly?

A. If you have at least 2 ½ “ of clearance to the bottom of your threshold we can use the same paver bricks to cover your stoop and steps without removing them. We can also cover complete patios if they are level.

Q. Do I have to remove all existing shrubs when I do a front entry renovation?

A. No. If some shrubs are healthy we can integrate them into the new design. Many times perennials can be divided and reused in the new landscape design.

Q. Do I have to keep the same sidewalk design when renovating?

A. Absolutely not, we generally try to make a new appealing design that flows with maybe a sitting area or a retaining wall or even a small intergraded patio.

Q. Can existing shrubs and small trees be moved in the landscape area?

A. We do not recommend moving established shrubs and trees. The survival rate is very low. It makes more sense to purchase new potted or
B & B shrubs and trees.

Q. Will my existing lawn be damaged by the landscaping renovation?

A. We use very small and light equipment when at all possible. For example we use wheel barrels and Toro Dingo type equipment. Most of the time no permanent damage is done and the lawn rebounds quickly. However, some jobs will require law repair that will be included in the bid.

Q. Can I hire you to do just the tear-out and hauling away of existing concrete, plants or dirt?

A. Absolutely, we can do the tear-out or just the hauling away.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

A. All pavers and retaining walls are guaranteed for two years. All plants and trees are guaranteed for one year. Sod is guaranteed at time of install and homeowner is responsible for all watering.

Q. How close can I build a fire pit to my home?

A. Most cities allow a 36” fire pit to be no closer than 25’ to a permanent structure.

Q. Do I need a permit for landscaping?

A. Retaining walls over 4’ high require permits and may need to be engineered.

Q. Can you do an actual design?

A. I can do a CAD drawing for better visuals if required.

Q. How do I know what the job will look like before you actually start the job?

A. We always layout the job with white spray-paint so that changes can be made before anything permanent takes place.

Q. Who calls for utility locations?

A. I call Gopher-One if needed for utility locations.