We Can Help With Drainage Issues

I am guessing if you are reading about drainage correction you have one of two issues or both. You either have water in your basement or you have wet areas in your yard that doesn’t drain properly. We can help with either one. The one problem we cannot help with is groundwater. If your sump pump runs during the winter months you probably have groundwater issues. Wet areas in the yard from settling or perhaps the original builder did not grade properly. We can install drain tile to drain low areas off your property.

Water in your basement often becomes a little more involved. It is usually from settling around the foundation. The common cure is to determine the area in question. Then remove the existing shrubs or perennials and build up the area for positive drainage away from your foundation. Ideally it is best to re-landscape these areas with new black poly and landscape rocks. Some times window wells need to be raised or replaced. It is a good time for new edging and plants so you can get a face lift along with solving your water problems. I always tell people to consider gutters before anything else. Often it’s a quick cure that can save a lot of work and money.

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