What is a Front Entry Renovation and why is it important?

The first thing people will see when they stop to visit is the front entry. It is the single most important area of your home. It invites people in, it creates a sense of value and we know first impressions are important. A beautiful front entry tells people you care about your home.

It can create a sense of greater value. Ask any realtor and they will tell you curb appeal is a powerful thing. No matter what anyone says landscaping does increase the value of your home.

When I talk about Front Entry Renovation, I’m referring to plants, shrubs and trees that are over grown and unsightly. The front walk may be cracked and un-level. We can fix that with pavers. Your front stoop and steps may be cracked and unsightly. Many times we can cover these with the same pavers as the sidewalk. The results are stunning.

It’s unbelievable what new edging, landscape rock, plants and shrubs can do for the front of a home. It’s also a great time to fix drainage issues and garage aprons. You don’t have to wait until your ready to sell your home or get ready for that wedding or graduation party. Do it now so you can enjoy all the benefits, it’s less expensive than you might think.

We work with home owners in Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Edina, Victoria and surrounding areas.